East Midlands Records

Download a PDF document of the current East Midlands records below.
Womens Classic Mens Classic
Womens Equipped Mens Equipped

Due to the change in bodyweight categories starting on the 1st Jan 2011 these old records will remain unchanged (download).

Whilst these old records will effectively be frozen and can no longer be broken by lifters after Jan 1st, they can still be updated by legal lifts done prior to December 31st 2010.

East Midlands powerlifting  records are open to any member of the East Midlands Powerlifting Association (EMPA). The qualifying lifts have to be carried out at a properly organised competition under Great Britain Powerlifting Federation rules (not in your local gym regardless of how trustworthy your training partner is!)

To claim a record fill in the records claim form Download and send to the records registrar of the EMPA, Amina Bux (aminabux@googlemail.com), and provide the following details:

1. The competition and the venue, i.e. The East Midlands Women’s Senior Classic 2019 at Champion Strength & Conditioning, Milton Keynes.

2. The date of the competition.

3. Your bodyweight, as weighed at the competition, and the class that you lifted in.

4. Whether you lifted equipped or unequipped.

5. The age category you are claiming for, i.e. Under 20, Masters 1, etc.

6. The type of lift claimed, i.e Bench Press, and the amount that you lifted.

From this the Web Site Manager will update the records database.


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